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Personalized make-up application based on client needs, vision, and requests. Application can be customized based on various additional factors such as season, lighting, event, etc. Trials may be recommended based on client needs.


Personal Styling

Styling services are customizable depending on need and the sky is the limit. Services can accommodate any personal need, from re-organizing or designing your closet space, to personal shopping for those with a hectic schedule. 


Brand Marketing

A stylist gets to know you and your brand and signature style goals. The stylist then works to curate a highly personalized look from boutiques and retail shops for your photoshoot or marketing campaign. All services are provided according to your vision, goals, and budget.


About Me

Camille is a published Creative Director and Wardrobe Stylist with nine years of experience in curating content for photoshoots, brand marketing, and social media campaigns. Because she believes in continuing to expand her craft she is presently training in make-up application and hairstyling with the goal of expanding service offerings to clients and providing more comprehensive customer service tailored to all beauty and fashion needs.

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Ernest Walker, Client

Camille really knows fashion and is super helpful, friendly, and approachable. When I realized she was into fashion I opened up to her and asked for advice. Never asked me for a dime, but treated me as a paying customer of 10 years. If nothing else I was blown away by her dedication and service. Doctors, Lawyers, and bankers should be a contact in every professional's phone. Well, this professional is adding "stylist" to my list.

Carla Pressley, Hair & Makeup Artist

Camille is a great fashion-forward thinker and is lovely to work with. We have been on several projects together so I know how reliable and detailed she is - delivering the best outcome in the styling department for the task at hand. Her effort is always noticeable and she is very communicative with her team leading up to the project.

Ellen Foster, Client

I first met Camille professionally in the Fall of 2015. Camille took an immediate personal interest and guided me through and out of my fashionbox. She was fashion-forward while at the same time keeping in mind my normally conservative approach. Attentive, kind and incredibly helpful - she has changed the way I look at clothing and accessories. She encouraged me to experiment and try new things. I'm forever grateful!



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