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Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Welcome to the new Styling By Camille! I’m Camille and I’m so happy the universe brought you here. Styling is something I found a love for unexpectedly...born of necessity and my aim to be unique and expressive in the workplace. I practiced by curating from my own closet and borrowing vintage pieces from a roommate, with whom I shared a one bedroom apartment. It was a total accident that I found my passion and while the circumstances today are different, the dream of helping others is still the same.

Certainly, the website is new and the content is fresh but I thought I might begin this new journey by sharing a little bit more about myself. I’ve set an intention this year to put a little more “me” into everything. Here’s a few interesting things you may not already know:

I rarely go anywhere without earrings!

I don’t know where or why I picked up this habit but having earrings on always makes me feel more “prepared” for matter what else I’m wearing. I tend to be very minimalistic about accessories/jewelry but will usually rock stud earrings although, lately I’ve been experimenting with wearing hoops more.

There’s never enough cookies in Cookies and Cream ice cream for me...I always add more.

Ice Cream is one dessert I could never live without. I am pretty sure I get this from my grandmother who is responsible for my love of coffee flavored ice cream. This woman could eat an entire half gallon of ice cream like it’s nothing!

I’m a Cancer survivor.

I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer just a few months before my 25th birthday. After a really tough year of medical testing and thyroid complications, I am so lucky that my doctor had the intuition to do a biopsy. 2021 will be my 10th year in remission and I canNOT wait to celebrate!

As a kid I wanted to be the first woman President.

I remember writing up these elaborate plans on college ruled notebook paper and I have no clue where those are now. I do remember one of the goals I had was to eliminate currency and money. I believed it was the root of all the world’s problems! Come to find out...I may have been right.

I have 2 favorite parts of every day.

My first favorite part of any day is getting dressed and getting ready. Putting looks together is a favorite for obvious reasons. My second is getting undressed, unwinding, and doing my skincare routine before bed. It relaxes me and I get a sense of accomplishment from doing my self-care. It is always good to be good to yourself.

I feel the most confident with no makeup & curly hair.

I started wearing my hair curly full-time in July 2017 as a challenge to give my locks a break from unnecessary heat and chemicals. Prior to this I had been flat-ironing and color treating my hair to death. What was initially planned as a 90-day challenge turned into a confidence building journey resulting in my hair now being the longest and healthiest it’s ever been! As for no makeup confidence, I blame the pandemic mostly for this discovery. When the world slowed down, I had time to focus more on skincare and health without the pressure of being “on point” everyday. It’s so easy for me now to leave the house with nothing but sunscreen on...and earrings of course.

I get so emotionally invested in the movies & TV shows I watch.

People have made fun of me about this for years but once I commit to a show or movie I usually ride it out to the end...even when the show or movie clearly no longer deserves my support. I always say that I am able to enjoy cinema because I have the ability to suspend reality and allow myself to function as a person in the fictitious setting created by the film, etc. I really give myself a chance to feel the things as intended by the film makers. I also tend to take films too seriously because in my mind, if someone is able to create a plot then that makes the plot feasible in real life. It’s the philosopher in me. LOL, I know...I know.

I am partially deaf.

At 4 years old I was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss suspected to have been caused by nerve damage. An official cause was never determined. I wore hearing aids for several years before attempting life without them after college. I briefly learned ASL at 5 years old but never kept up with it. In 2005, I took a class at UVA about “Deaf Culture” and learned so much about how hearing loss impacts the ways I communicate and connect with others. It’s certainly a disability that has caused me a fair amount of discomfort and pain but I wouldn’t change it at all. It’s part of who I am. Without it I don’t believe I’d be as compassionate, empathetic, and intuitive.

My favorite fashion accessory is a watch.

As I’ve said before, I am such a minimalist when it comes to accessories or even jewelry but there’s just something about wearing a watch that makes an outfit instantly more classy and timeless. I believe in paying tribute to the past that allows us to be here today and wearing a watch, to me, is one way to recognize the times when simplicity was considered chic.

When I have to get ready quickly, my go-to beauty products are mascara, cream blush, & lip stain.

I am pretty obsessed with mascara - something about having open and awake eyes that amps up your whole face. Blush gives you that healthy looking and alive flush and lip stain for that “I may have just had a few sips of red wine” sultry and pouty vibe. Of course I love giving myself a full beat occasionally but these 3 things are really all I need on the regular. My favorite products right now are Maybelline Sky High mascara, Tower 28 BeachPlease cream, and Glossier Generation G lipstick.

My favorite workouts are yoga, pilates, cycling, & dance.

I am the kind of person that will die if I can’t move around. I canNOT sit still! I’ve realized over time that I am at my best when I am active. 2020 was a weird year and without a gym to go to I ended up building my own in-home gym. I focused on doing something active at least once daily and it has really changed the way I live and how I feel. Along with getting more comfortable being home for extended periods, I worked on flexibility, core strength, and pushing myself with cardio exercise.

Thank you thank you for stopping by! There are more exciting things to come this year. Your love and support means the world! Stay tuned!

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